Monday, August 15, 2011

The weekend is always too short!

The weekend never seems to be long enough and the closer it gets to Ford being here the faster the weeks have been going by. It was really nice being able to get a lot of stuff done this weekend, Luke got the garage organized on Saturday, we went to the Ultimate Frisbee game and then to Tasty Freeze... which was DELICIOUS by the way, I had a chocolate peanut butter shake, it totally hit the spot! Sunday, we went to church and then out to lunch with Zach, Jill and Makayla! Then Luke's cousin, aunt, etc. all came into town from the valley and we got to meet the newest member of the family. Orion is SO cute... I couldn't believe how LITTLE he was!!!! He is two weeks old now, but is still so tiny. It made me really excited for Ford to get here, although I do not want Ford to come too early. It was really nice seeing Luke's Aunt, Tina, hopefully they will be moving back up here soon (she is living in Oregon right now)... I know she would be here already if the housing market wasn't so wishy-washy in the lower 48 right now!

I am really excited about this week, Kristin comes back home tonight, so Freckles will go home, although dog sitting has been so easy as she sleeps a lot of the day, doesn't bark and isn't a bad dog in ANY way! Whitney and Steve get to come over tonight for dinner, I got fresh red out of the freezer!!! Whitney and I are making CHEESECAKE CUP CAKES for my baby shower tomorrow that she is hosting!!! Then on Friday, Alex flies in and we are going out to Sterling for the weekend, probably the last weekend out there before Ford is born :( since the fair is next weekend and then I'll be full-term and not allowed out of, "The Anchorage Bowl"...

There really isn't too many weekends until Ford will be here and then I know we will have even more to do and they will go by even faster... Why can't we all work 2 days and then have 5 days off... that sounds like a much better work week!!!

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