Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finished the nursery and starting weekly appointments on the 24th!!

We finally received our bedding set and the glider on Monday. Luke put the glider together as soon as he got home and I unpacked and washed everything in the bedding set! So last night we got to finish the nursery!! I love how it looks, we just need to finish organizing everything, but I will probably wait until after my last shower, which is NEXT WEEK!!! Then, we wait...

Also, today was my last 2 week appt. starting on the 24th, I go pretty much every Wednesday, until Ford is born! I'm hoping I can cancel a couple of the appts, but we will see. Today my blood pressure was 114/76 which has been pretty normal for me this whole pregnancy, so glad I'm not having to deal with high blood pressure. Dr. McCreary was really excited to see that I haven't gained anymore weight (up less then 15lbs and haven't gained anything in 5 weeks). My glucose has been totally steady over the last month, which is WONDERFUL. Although, when I hit 36 weeks it can all change due to hormones and I may have add or cut carbs... Ford is still head down, settled nicely in my pelvis, waiting NOT so patiently to be welcomed into this world! His heart rate dropped from the 140's into the 130's so we are one step closer to being able to hold him. I'm going to miss being pregnant, mostly because I don't want to share him!!!


  1. Pictures! Post some pictures of his room! I am not looking forward to going every two weeks, let alone every week ugh. But at least it means he will be here sooner! PS lol about the sharing him...

  2. the appts aren't too bad! It's kind of fun to hear the heartbeat and see how much your belly as grown! And I have a whole list of my appts on the fridge, I love getting home and crossing them off!!!