Monday, August 8, 2011

Funny Feeling... Jan. 20th, 2011

So do you ever get those funny feelings, like something is in the works, but you can't quite figure out what it is?! Yeah, I got one of those... It was the middle of January 2011, Luke and I had just been talking about how great it would be (IN A YEAR, so our plan was) to find out we were expecting.... I had been feeling "different" but shrugged it off as it was the middle of my first Alaskan winter... I figured my body was adjusting because it had been a steady -10 outside and was dark pretty much all the time... Of course, being the way I am, I decided that I would take a pregnancy test if "Aunt Flow" didn't show up by the next day, knowing that it wouldn't be positive, since Luke and I were being careful not to get pregnant.

The next morning I woke up, Luke was already at work, I probably would have been WAY to embarresed to take the test in front of him and would have chickened out! So I grabbed the test and headed into the bathroom... after "Peeing on the stick" like all us ladies get to do, I put the cap back on it, set it down and went to make breakfast... forgetting about it for the next 15 minutes... I walked back into the bathroom and almost had to do a double take, remembering that I had ACTUALLY peed on a stick! SO I picked it up, to throw it away and to my SHOCK, there was a faint second line...

 I IMMEDIATELY text messaged my sister-in-law who was 35 weeks pregnant with the message, "so I took a pregnancy test and there was a SUPER faint second line..." Jill's response, "A line is a line, CONGRATS!!"

At that point I was ready to run out and get a digital test, TO MAKE SURE, but I had to wait for the girl I nanny to be dropped off... it was the WORST half an hour of my LIFE!!!!!!!!! I thought for sure I was going to PASS OUT! As soon as she got here, I started the truck to warm up, made sure she was bundled up and went to target... since I pretty much knew at that point I was pregnant (but still in shock) I got a digital test AND I got a card and a couple baby toys for Luke (I wanted to suprise him when he got home)... I took the digital as SOON as I got home and of course it said, "YES+"


So he text messaged me on his lunch break and I reminded him to make sure that the HR lady had processed our insurance, as it was supposed to kick in on Feb. 1st.... His only response was JOKINGLY, "Why are you pregnant?!" ... so instead of saying anything, I sent him the picture of the digital test... his response to that was, "WHAT?! Wait is that a pregnancy test, DOES that say YES?"... So then he called me, I of course started balling as soon as I picked the phone up, he asked when I found out and I told him I took the test after he went to work... because of the FUNNY FEELINGS, I had been having!

Needless to say, ladies, if you have a FUNNY FEELING, you never know if it's because you have cells dividing and growing... Definitely go with your instincts, it was a very scary but very exciting day!!!

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