Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Shower and blessings!!!

I had so much fun at my LAST baby shower, last night! Whitney did such a great job planning it and a huge thanks to my sister in law, Jill, for helping set it up, since Whitney was late (not her fault)!!!

Ford is SO blessed to have such amazingly kind and loving women to look up to. All of the ladies at the church not only have welcomed me with open arms and hearts, but have made a point to ask how Ford is doing and keeping tabs on my whole pregnancy! I cannot wait until he is here, so he can meet everyone and know just how loved he is!

Jill spoke last night, about how we as mothers must remember that our kids (and others around us) watch our every move, even if we don't see them watching, they learn from us. So making sure we teach our kids about God, not ONLY through church, the word, etc. we MUST show God's love and will through the things that we do, even on a daily basis! I think it was a great reminder for all of us women, regardless of whether we are tired of cleaning the house, doing laundry and other such things, we MUST remember while we are doing these things, that God has blessed us with a house to clean and laundry to do. He has blessed us with a family... I am so thankful for the gift of Ford, even though this pregnancy hasn't been the easiest, we have had many questions that had to be answered and it definitely wasn't easy waiting for those answers, but having faith and knowing that God had given Ford to us, made it much easier to wait, knowing that whatever the answer to the tests were, was God's will.

NOW, we must wait for Ford to arrive, knowing that labor is a HARD and PAINFUL event... I have faith that the Lord will guide us through it, letting Ford arrive safe and healthy. As well as making sure that I am taken care of! I wouldn't say that I am SCARED, maybe a bit nervous because you can't really PLAN for the unknown, but it has to happen one way or another, so why stress out about it!!! Only 5 and a half weeks until my due date, we will see how long it really is until he is here!

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  1. hang in there, he'll be here before you know it! :)