Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost full term!!

So tomorrow I will be 36 weeks and 4 days, meaning Saturday when I turn 37 weeks Ford is considered "full term"... He can come at anytime after that and would NOT be a "preemie"!! Tomorrow is significant because I get my last (2 minute) ultrasound before delivery. Just to make sure he is still head down and hopefully engaged!! I will also be checked to see if I am dialated at all and get tested for Group B strep. Which adults can carry with no ill effect the them, but if a newborn were to contract the bacteria they can get pnemonia or other serious lung infections. All they do is give you an IV antibiotic when you go into labor if you carry it, if you are negative then you don't get any antibiotics. So hopefully I'm negative because I don't really want to be hooked up to fluids the WHOLE time I'm delivering, I would much rather be free to walk around, stretch, etc.

I just got done reading Hypnobirthing... Hopefully the techniques in the book will help me labor totally naturally, the thought of getting an epidural makes me light headed and nauseas so that is 100% out of the picture! I know I have to go through labor and the birthing process NO MATTER WHAT... So I'm at peace with the fact it is not all fun and is hard work, although I refuse to say it will be PAINFUL because I do not want to set myself up to BE IN PAIN... if you have read hypnobirthing you would understand what I am saying. I know it will hurt, but hopefully all of the breathing exersizes and whatnot from the book will help curve the pain and it will be bearable. I have also been using an exersize ball to do exersizes to help open and stretch my pelvis... So hopefully that will help as well. Just sitting on the ball seems to help with the pelvic pain I have been having... I guess only time will tell if ALL this reading/practicing will help!

Eeeek... So close yet so far away... But who knows when Ford will decided it's TIME!

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