Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joys of being a mom!

There are too many joys to count, but my favourite one is waking up and seeing the first smile of the day when I get Ford out of his bed! Everyday starts off good when you see a gummy smile :)

I cannot lie, it satisfies me in ways I can't even describe when he is being grumpy for someone else and as soon as he sees me or I pick him up he stops. It reminds me of the eternal (I guess you can say maternal too) bond that we share, nobody can take it away or have that same bond, it cannot be duplicated nor weakened in anyway.

There are many things that warm my heart and feed my soul, but God has given mothers a special bond with their children that is second only to the relationship we SHOULD have with Christ, when it comes to these two things.

If God feels this way more so with us, then I can only imagine the heartache he feels when we do not wake up smiling for him every morning. Having God be our creator and allowing us to "create"(I use "" because obviously GOD has created each baby) and grow life is an amazing blessing, I have come to believe in the process of becoming a mother, that God has allowed us to "create" life so we understand the relationship that he wants with us. There is NOTHING stronger then the relationship between parent and child. If we all tried to create a bond with The Lord that mirrored the bond we share with our children (as mothers, as "creators") then this earth would be an amazing place full of Godly people. God has given us an AMAZING gift that many people do not think about or understand, once you become a parent you see life in a whole new light, you can now see the joy, heart ache, the ups and downs, that God goes through as he calls us to him, as we are HIS children, HE created us, it is HIS joy that shines down on us daily and HIS heart that aches when we turn our backs to him. The better your relationship with HIM, the more he will bless the relationship that you have with YOUR children.

Okay, I got off topic of where I started at, but oh well, I think it turned into something thought provoking and worth reading!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Ford has gotten really good at MOVING!!! He still has not realized he can use his ARMS AND LEGS at the same time. But he uses them separately... It's quite funny to see him inch worming along.

He can also turn himself around in a circle and roll on his sides, but he doesn't roll all the way over from back to stomach. He will roll stomach to back though.

I think he will be crawling as soon as he realizes he can use both his arms and legs together!!

Here is a picture in his suit at church yesterday :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ford's first tooth broke through on Saturday. He was very upset all day but has been his normal self since. I still can't really see if but you can definitely feel it!

On Monday we went to Outback for dinner, I got a baked sweet potato ad shared it with Ford, it's so much fun having him eat "real" food now. He was so excited when I gave him his first bite. I hope that he continues to like the healthy foods we introduce to him.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We have had quite the week of weather. It got above freezing (around 35 degrees) on Wednesday and then proceeded to SNOW yesterday. In 6-8 hours we got about 10 inches, although I does compact when it is on the ground so I am not sure if we got more according to the National Weather Service.

We have already had 90 inches of snow this season, which is double what the normal is for this time of year.

Ford loves the snow which is great since we live in Alaska, I would feel bad if he didn't like it!

I took this picture yesterday afternoon when we had about 3/4 of what we got total. The deck had been totally cleared off before it started snowing. Yes, the top of the bumbo is even with the top of the snow!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 recap!

January-- found out I was pregnant, Noah was born
February-- got to see little man for the first time and barfed a lot... Lol made 115 Lifetime friends
March-- Fur Rondy, makayla was born
April-- rhino trips and sterling, Chaz and Kristin moved up here
May-- found out Ford was a boy, camping, Luke's birthday
June-- visit to Washington, camping, rhino trips
July-- eureka, Set, Katina and Noah visited, Tim and Tammy visited, my birthday, new car
August-Alex visited, fair, rhino trips, fishing, Orion was born
September- Ford was born
October- 3 year anniversary, Ford's first smiles
November- whole family in Oregon for thanksgiving
December- Ford's first Christmas, lots of snow, zoo lights, Chaz deployed...

2011 was an amazing year full of so many memories... Cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring and what God has in store for us... Hopefully Whitney will have Riggs soon, starting the year off in an amazing way :)