Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I think even if Ford is on time or over due, time is going to fly! Tomorrow is the 24th, so ONE MONTH until my due date! Saturday we are going to the fair, seeing Craig Morgan in concert there! Hopefully doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I will be 36 weeks! Tomorrow is my 36 week appt, which starts my weekly appts... hoping that I don't end up going to ALL of the appts I have scheduled. With how my pelvis is feeling, I do not think I will be making all of those appointments, since Friday I have felt like my hips are going to fall apart and my pelvis is going to break in half. I get an ultrasound tomorrow just to check Ford's position so we will get to see just how low he is sitting and if labor will be sooner rather then later, although he could decide to change his mind at anytime, that is the crazy thing about waiting for labor, it really isn't up to my body, but Ford's!

Next weekend is Labor Day and we actually don't have ANYTHING planned, I'm sure that will change between now and then, but I will be 37 weeks and "stuck" in the Anchorage Bowl until Ford is born. Which I am fine with since we got stuck in traffic coming back from Sterling on Saturday night, I could NOT imagine being stuck like that in labor. I would say that is the only thing about living in the largest state, with the least amount of roadway, if there is an accident, you can't get around it until the highway opens back up. I would assume we are going to finish deep cleaning the house, organizing the summer stuff we have to put away and pulling out all of the winter gear, since it will be snowing before we know it! We also have to finish hanging up things in Ford's room. Hopefully it will be nice over the holiday weekend so we can BBQ!!!!

I know the next month is going to go by extremely fast as the last 8 months have! I cannot wait to hold my little man and see just how much he looks like Luke!

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