Monday, August 8, 2011

Grow, Baby, Grow!

I won't go on and on about ALL of the appts I have had but I will highlight some with the pictures we have gotten from ultrasound! Each time you see your baby or hear their heartbeat you fall more in love! I did have to see a specialst because the NT measurement was elevated at our 12 week scan, Ford's heart echo came out GREAT but I ended up getting an amniocentesis and FISH test done at 20 weeks 6 days, due to some indication he may have had Trisomy 18, which most babies don't make it past 3-4 months old. God blessed us with AMAZING results with all of the tests that we underwent, genetically Ford is as PERFECT as God has intended him to be! I have to say, it was nice going to the specialist, being able to go over EVERY inch of Ford's body and being able to get so much time seeing him develop in the womb!

10 weeks 2 days FIRST appt:

12 weeks 3 days (ultrasound tech told Luke he would guess baby was a boy):

20 weeks 6 days (gender scan and specialist appt, took 45 minutes to find out HE was a HE!):

23 weeks and 3 days (Heart Echo, His way of telling us, he is JUST FINE!):
29 weeks 6 days (growth scan, he is in the 35th percentile which means that he is a little under the average size of babies his age):

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