Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 weeks already?!

I cannot believe that my little man is FOUR WEEKS OLD! Ford will be ONE MONTH on Friday!! And that I haven't blogged in 3 weeks... Oops.

It is true motherhood is a FULL TIME JOB... actually it's WAY more then 40 hours a week, it's 168 hours a week (24/7 if anyone didn't want to do the math!!) I have used ALL of my nannying skills and learned so much in the last 28 days... I only took a week and a half off from nannying so having an almost 2 year old (who is potty training) and a 7 month old all day PLUS taking care of a newborn is CRAZY!!! I will be getting another toddler here soon and his 5 year old brother (after school), they are actually our new next door neighbors so it's perfect! Makayla always tried to grab Ford, I'm assuming so she can chew on him, I think she is starting to teeth, hoping that one or two pop through soon!!! Aili is AMAZING with Ford, she gives him his paci if it falls out, puts the blanket back on him, helps him play with his toys during tummy time, etc etc. I think she needs to be a big sister one day, but I'm not sure her parents would agree... lol!

The things that I've learned in the first (almost) month of being a mommy:

1) When you THINK baby is done going to the bathroom.... THERE IS MORE!!!!
2)Even when baby THINKS they are done going to the bathroom... THERE IS MORE!!!!
3)Blow outs are a very normal part of life, as is getting peed/pooped on and spit up on!
4)As soon as you bathe and have them fully dressed baby, they will go to the bathroom!
3)ALWAYS take an extra shirt with you and pants if you have room, the first time baby spits up all over you, WILL be in public!
4)ALWAYS have an extra change of clothing for baby!
5)You can live on NO sleep, it really is possible!
6) Even when baby is sleeping, it takes to much energy to try and sleep, when you can just lay there and stare at them!
7)The TV shows you have seen EVERY episode of, aren't as exciting once you have a baby to stare at!
8)As soon as you THINK you are in a great routine, baby will decide to change it up on you, it's okay, that's what they do!
9)Keep a burp cloth within reach 24/7, in the bed, in the car, in the kitchen, etc etc. you NEVER know when you will need one!
10)Baby will decide that it's OKAY to sleep ALL day then wake up at 9:30pm and not go back to sleep, that's what everyone does RIGHT?!

I'm sure I have learned other things, but those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. But, even though life is CRAZY busy and I feel like I'm always doing SOMETHING these days, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Ford is the greatest gift that God could ever bless me with. He is perfect in every way, God is so good! He is a good sleeper. He is happy when he is awake, unless he's hungry! He LOVES to cuddle with mama!!!! He is getting a personality and I am so excited to watch him grow and become his own little person!

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  1. Love the list of new mom revelations - I'm taking notes! lol Ford is so cute and I can't believe he has already been here for a month! So he and Riggs will be running around playing haha, why does time have to go so fast?!