Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally... FALL!!!

So Fall is my favourite time of year, I guess that is why Luke and I decided to get married in October and we were lucky enough to welcome Ford into the world in September, OKAY, he was born at the "End of Summer" but oh well... September is the start of Fall in Alaska, even if it's not "official"... I have to say, I am very sad that there isn't a real pumpkin patch up here. There is one farm in Palmer that has pumpkins but it's ONLY IN SEPTEMBER... I'm not quite sure why, as Halloween is the END of October... I was so excited to take Ford and get pictures with the pumpkins :"(

I think I'm mostly excited for Fall and Winter because since Ford was born, snuggling has been one of our favourite past times! I know we will have LOTS of time to do this over the winter. I am excited to take him in the snow and take pictures of his first ride on the RMK with daddy!

The weather is getting colder, which I'm excited about. I know lots of people hate it, but I moved to Alaska because I wanted too. I love the cold, the snow, etc. Put on a scarf and some wool socks, go out and ENJOY!!! If I can take a newborn outside and not think about it twice, shouldn't everyone living here be able to enjoy the crisp air as well?!

The fact that it's fall also means that the holidays are quickly approaching. We will be spending Thanksgiving in Washington/Oregon this year. I am excited to be able to see Luke's family and get a pictures of all 5 generations!!!! His Great-Grandma, Grandparents, Parents, him and his brothers and the kiddos!!!! It will probably be the only time that ALL of us are together, his great-grandma is having more health complications, but then again, she is 96, she has had an amazing life so far! Knowing that she is a woman of faith, makes it easier to know that she won't be around forever, because we know that she will end up with our maker, in the place she wants to be! I'm hoping that this trip will not be the ONLY one that Ford gets to see her on. I would love for him to actually have memories of her, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Christmas is still up in the air, my grandma is coming up to Washington and I would LOVE to be there to see everyone again, but, we will have to see how everything is going. There is a lot of things up in the air right now that needs to be decided on before we are able to make a final decision... wish it was easier to decide! Although staying in Alaska, guarantees a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Then right after Christmas... WHITNEY is due!!!! I cannot WAIT for her and Stevie to have Riggs here; They are going to be AMAZING parents. I cannot wait to hold him, Ford is growing so fast and I know by the time Riggs is born, Ford will be HUGE! lol

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  1. My favorite time of the year too! Tho it's still pretty hot here in So-Cal. You're lucky you get a proper fall! This time will go really fast. Only a few more weeks till Halloween, then a few more for Thanksgiving and then a few more for Christmas an then it's the new year!