Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I tried looking up the definition of MOTHERHOOD to no avail. I was a bit surprised, but, should I be? How is it that we could define something so complex? I believe you are considered a mother as soon as you become pregnant, because you will forever be changed, regardless if you carry the baby to term or lose it... If you give your baby away or keep it, you are forever a MOTHER... If you have to live with the pain of losing a baby or the pain of raising one, you are a MOTHER... You have entered into MOTHERHOOD... You will think about your baby everyday, you will change things about yourself, how you do things and how you think... I know some AMAZING people who have lost their little ones and I know some people I would not expect to be a mother, get the gift of life. God has his reasoning for everything, even if we do not understand, but, in the end he has given us all the gift of motherhood.

Motherhood has changed me, in a good way, I would say... We still go do things, but of course it's on Ford's schedule, that will change but for now, I'm okay with it! Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE snuggling up with Little Man and a blanket... there is nothing more precious then watching him sleep, you truly can just watch a baby sleep! Motherhood, is not easy by ANY means, it means sleepless nights and wanting to pull your hair out at times... but I would say it is worth it in the end... at least as of now! I wouldn't change a thing, well, I might slow time down a little, so I can enjoy Ford being small for longer. It is so important to remember that, "This too shall pass..." during the hard moments, remember to stop and enjoy the good moments, making memories as we go throughout our daily lives.

Motherhood may mean something different to everyone in this world, but I think we can all agree, through the tears, the laughter, the good, the bad, the morning sickness and fatigue, aches, pains and extra sleep or lack there of, it is the BEST "job" in the world... It's the hardest job at times but I do not think any of us moms would take back what we have turned our lives into... The crazy chaos of Motherhood...

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