Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Man!

My little man is SO adorable. I do not care who says otherwise, haha! Last night was interesting, he decided that it was okay to stay awake after his midnight feeding, so I'm thinking he may need more then 2 oz. at each feeding now. His little stuffy nose kept his from getting a good sleep until daddy decided it was time for him to get some skin to skin time. Luke slept with Ford on his chest for a couple hours and I think it really helped BOTH of them sleep well. I was up on and off everytime he made a weird noise, MOMMY SENSE!

This morning I had to drive Luke to work so we were all up at 5! I have to say, I DO NOT like getting up that early after being up 3 times to feed, change and pump, which takes about an hour depending on how long Ford takes to eat! So I stopped at the store to get some saline spray for little man's nose, which has worked WONDERS! I have been sucking out snot all morning and he can actually breath!

I did think of something last night, although when your baby is finally born, they are their own PERSON and honestly, a STRANGER as you don't know what type of personality they will have or anything like that... It is love at first sight, atleast it was for me... For anyone who doesn't believe in love at first sight, needs to have a baby, it will change their mind!

I am so looking forward to Whitney having Riggs, I know Ford and him will be BEST FRIENDS... just because of their cool names! Not to mention I cannot wait to be able to hold another newborn, they are so tiny and always so adorable! Only 14ish more weeks :)

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