Monday, October 31, 2011

Sleeping patterns= Happy Babies

Ford has been a pretty good sleeper from the beginning. The shortest he slept at night was 2 1/2 hours. So far the longest has been about 6 which is great, he does make some noise and sometimes cries in his sleep, which I wake up too. But that is only because he gets gassy! Like this morning; around 4:30 he started fussing, so I scooped him up and laid him down inbetween Luke and I, he fussed a bit in his sleep after that, so I couldn't really sleep, but atleast he was able to sleep some more. Of course, he is SOUND asleep right now, but I can't get a nap because Makayla is here! Oh well, that's part of being a mommy, right?

Ford has to be one of the all around most content babies I've been around. He is either sleeping or just looking around, smiling at stuff on the wall or in the bath tub! He has smiled at people a couple times but I think it's more because we are in his line of sight and he was smiling anyway. Like I said his only grumpy times are when he is gassy (from either end, normally a nice big burp solves his pouty little face!)

I know it's amazing to see them when they are first born, but I'm glad my mom will get to meet him when he has some personality. I think it is better if you can't see them all the time, to atleast be able to interact with them on some level!!! I am praying very hard that our travels to Washington and Oregon for Thanksgiving do not interupt my happy baby and his sleeping patterns. It is going to be a whirlwind trip anyway. The last thing I want is to be sleep deprived and have everyone meet a grumpy baby! He has been so easy going these last (almost) 8 weeks, I do not see there being a problem, but God is the only one who knows how Ford's first trip will be!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Eat, Sleep, Poop... Repeat!

Pretty much what Ford has done since he was born 7 and 1/2 weeks ago! But he's a baby, so it's normal.

He eats well and has really started sleeping less like a newborn and more like a human! He goes to sleep between 9:00-9:30pm, wakes up around 2:00am is fed, changed and back to bed in about 25 minutes and then sleeps until around 7:30am. I should probably start working on an earlier bedtime for him, but it's so hard when he LOVES to be cuddled! He has been sleeping in his pack n play next to our bed for the most part, we had him in his crib for a couple nights but I like him close. He generally makes noise around 5 so I bring him in bed with me to snuggle when Luke gets up for work!

His milk intake is 3.5oz every 3-4 hours except at night. Some people will tell you to wake baby after 3 hrs to feed... WHY? if they are happily asleep, let them be! Unless there is a medical reason, of course. Ford has been allowed to sleep when he wants (except we try and keep him awake between 7-9pm) and he has steadily put on weight since he came home from the hospital! I'd say he is about 8lbs now. We will find out 11/7 when we go to his 2 month appt. I am glad he is growing steadily and not packing on the pounds then growing. I think it is better for them to maintain their body fat, since babies cannot regulate their temps like adults can, especially with the time of year it is.

I wish I could sleep like him, anywhere, anytime. He sleeps through ANYTHING! One things for sure, as much as I hate the dogs barking, I know it has helped Ford be able to sleep with noise! They are still annoying though!

All in All, Ford is a pretty easy baby, he has made his own schedule and I adapt to it's changes as needed, he has blessed me with how easy he is, I just pray he stays this way and isn't psyching me out for his toddler years!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I tried looking up the definition of MOTHERHOOD to no avail. I was a bit surprised, but, should I be? How is it that we could define something so complex? I believe you are considered a mother as soon as you become pregnant, because you will forever be changed, regardless if you carry the baby to term or lose it... If you give your baby away or keep it, you are forever a MOTHER... If you have to live with the pain of losing a baby or the pain of raising one, you are a MOTHER... You have entered into MOTHERHOOD... You will think about your baby everyday, you will change things about yourself, how you do things and how you think... I know some AMAZING people who have lost their little ones and I know some people I would not expect to be a mother, get the gift of life. God has his reasoning for everything, even if we do not understand, but, in the end he has given us all the gift of motherhood.

Motherhood has changed me, in a good way, I would say... We still go do things, but of course it's on Ford's schedule, that will change but for now, I'm okay with it! Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE snuggling up with Little Man and a blanket... there is nothing more precious then watching him sleep, you truly can just watch a baby sleep! Motherhood, is not easy by ANY means, it means sleepless nights and wanting to pull your hair out at times... but I would say it is worth it in the end... at least as of now! I wouldn't change a thing, well, I might slow time down a little, so I can enjoy Ford being small for longer. It is so important to remember that, "This too shall pass..." during the hard moments, remember to stop and enjoy the good moments, making memories as we go throughout our daily lives.

Motherhood may mean something different to everyone in this world, but I think we can all agree, through the tears, the laughter, the good, the bad, the morning sickness and fatigue, aches, pains and extra sleep or lack there of, it is the BEST "job" in the world... It's the hardest job at times but I do not think any of us moms would take back what we have turned our lives into... The crazy chaos of Motherhood...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally... FALL!!!

So Fall is my favourite time of year, I guess that is why Luke and I decided to get married in October and we were lucky enough to welcome Ford into the world in September, OKAY, he was born at the "End of Summer" but oh well... September is the start of Fall in Alaska, even if it's not "official"... I have to say, I am very sad that there isn't a real pumpkin patch up here. There is one farm in Palmer that has pumpkins but it's ONLY IN SEPTEMBER... I'm not quite sure why, as Halloween is the END of October... I was so excited to take Ford and get pictures with the pumpkins :"(

I think I'm mostly excited for Fall and Winter because since Ford was born, snuggling has been one of our favourite past times! I know we will have LOTS of time to do this over the winter. I am excited to take him in the snow and take pictures of his first ride on the RMK with daddy!

The weather is getting colder, which I'm excited about. I know lots of people hate it, but I moved to Alaska because I wanted too. I love the cold, the snow, etc. Put on a scarf and some wool socks, go out and ENJOY!!! If I can take a newborn outside and not think about it twice, shouldn't everyone living here be able to enjoy the crisp air as well?!

The fact that it's fall also means that the holidays are quickly approaching. We will be spending Thanksgiving in Washington/Oregon this year. I am excited to be able to see Luke's family and get a pictures of all 5 generations!!!! His Great-Grandma, Grandparents, Parents, him and his brothers and the kiddos!!!! It will probably be the only time that ALL of us are together, his great-grandma is having more health complications, but then again, she is 96, she has had an amazing life so far! Knowing that she is a woman of faith, makes it easier to know that she won't be around forever, because we know that she will end up with our maker, in the place she wants to be! I'm hoping that this trip will not be the ONLY one that Ford gets to see her on. I would love for him to actually have memories of her, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Christmas is still up in the air, my grandma is coming up to Washington and I would LOVE to be there to see everyone again, but, we will have to see how everything is going. There is a lot of things up in the air right now that needs to be decided on before we are able to make a final decision... wish it was easier to decide! Although staying in Alaska, guarantees a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Then right after Christmas... WHITNEY is due!!!! I cannot WAIT for her and Stevie to have Riggs here; They are going to be AMAZING parents. I cannot wait to hold him, Ford is growing so fast and I know by the time Riggs is born, Ford will be HUGE! lol

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 weeks already?!

I cannot believe that my little man is FOUR WEEKS OLD! Ford will be ONE MONTH on Friday!! And that I haven't blogged in 3 weeks... Oops.

It is true motherhood is a FULL TIME JOB... actually it's WAY more then 40 hours a week, it's 168 hours a week (24/7 if anyone didn't want to do the math!!) I have used ALL of my nannying skills and learned so much in the last 28 days... I only took a week and a half off from nannying so having an almost 2 year old (who is potty training) and a 7 month old all day PLUS taking care of a newborn is CRAZY!!! I will be getting another toddler here soon and his 5 year old brother (after school), they are actually our new next door neighbors so it's perfect! Makayla always tried to grab Ford, I'm assuming so she can chew on him, I think she is starting to teeth, hoping that one or two pop through soon!!! Aili is AMAZING with Ford, she gives him his paci if it falls out, puts the blanket back on him, helps him play with his toys during tummy time, etc etc. I think she needs to be a big sister one day, but I'm not sure her parents would agree... lol!

The things that I've learned in the first (almost) month of being a mommy:

1) When you THINK baby is done going to the bathroom.... THERE IS MORE!!!!
2)Even when baby THINKS they are done going to the bathroom... THERE IS MORE!!!!
3)Blow outs are a very normal part of life, as is getting peed/pooped on and spit up on!
4)As soon as you bathe and have them fully dressed baby, they will go to the bathroom!
3)ALWAYS take an extra shirt with you and pants if you have room, the first time baby spits up all over you, WILL be in public!
4)ALWAYS have an extra change of clothing for baby!
5)You can live on NO sleep, it really is possible!
6) Even when baby is sleeping, it takes to much energy to try and sleep, when you can just lay there and stare at them!
7)The TV shows you have seen EVERY episode of, aren't as exciting once you have a baby to stare at!
8)As soon as you THINK you are in a great routine, baby will decide to change it up on you, it's okay, that's what they do!
9)Keep a burp cloth within reach 24/7, in the bed, in the car, in the kitchen, etc etc. you NEVER know when you will need one!
10)Baby will decide that it's OKAY to sleep ALL day then wake up at 9:30pm and not go back to sleep, that's what everyone does RIGHT?!

I'm sure I have learned other things, but those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. But, even though life is CRAZY busy and I feel like I'm always doing SOMETHING these days, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Ford is the greatest gift that God could ever bless me with. He is perfect in every way, God is so good! He is a good sleeper. He is happy when he is awake, unless he's hungry! He LOVES to cuddle with mama!!!! He is getting a personality and I am so excited to watch him grow and become his own little person!