Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Growing, growing, growing...

I am not sure why I thought Ford was still little?! Today I decided to reorganize all of the clothing he has out grown, hoping to condense it a little more then it is. Plus, there is a stack of all different sizes that just never got packed in their respective boxes.

Oh boy was this a bad idea... Opening up the Newborn tote, I started getting flash backs, of how small he used to be. The preemie sleeper that he wore the first night we had him home is smaller then the onesie he is wearing today [pictured below]. Thinking back on the fact that the preemie sleeper when all the way to his feet, brings tears to my eyes. There is ONE newborn diaper left, I guess I kept it as a keepsake, to remember how small me really was. When we had to fold over the front of it so it was small enough for him to actually wear!

I can think back with each shirt, jacket and pair of pants and tell you something about the day he wore each of them. It is crazy to think that in the last (almost) 17 months, he has done SO much. We have so many memories, in this short amount of time.

He is currently feeding HIMSELF lunch next to me, telling me, "All Du" and giving me the sign for "finished"... I don't remember the specific point in which he has gotten to be so independent and BIG... But he has, as much as it breaks my heart that really, he is no longer a BABY, I know in my heart he always will be MY baby, 6lbs 5oz, taking his first breath laying on my chest...

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  1. It is so sad how fast they grow!! I guess it is exciting too, but almost everyday I would do anything to just hold little newborn Riggs for an hour or two :(