Monday, December 12, 2011

Quality Time

I feel like we got to spend a lot of quality time as a family this weekend. We had to finish Christmas shopping and such but I'm glad we got to do it together. Especially since Luke leaves at the end of the week for his first 2 weeks on the slope!! It will be SO nice to have him home 2 weeks out of the month and at work 2 weeks.

Everyone keeps asking if I will miss him, OF COURSE! But knowing that Ford and I will get to spend SO much more time with him, makes me really happy. It is so hard to spend time together and enjoy time as a family when you work ALL day and then have to cook dinner, clean, etc in the evenings. It's exciting now, knowing that for two weeks straight we get FAMILY TIME!

We are planning a trip to visit my grandma for Mother's Day, it will be our first family vacation!!!!! It's nice knowing that Luke doesn't need to take vacation, I just need to make sure that the kids I nanny for have alternative care while we are gone! Hopefully we will get a chance to make it to Washington at least once next year as well!

Yay for quality time! Looking forward to taking more pictures of Luke and Ford!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 months old!

Yesterday, Ford turned 3 months old! I am not sure how time flew by so fast, it's only a couple weeks from Christmas, Whitney's due date and New Years!!

Ford is growing like CRAZY, he is already 24 inches long. That is 5 inches he has grown since he was born!!!! He is fitting nicely into 3 month clothing, some of it is a bit big still, but that's okay, I like the fact that he has gotten good use out of the "smallest" sizes, it makes me feel like everyone bought him needed things. Even though I know most everyone (including myself) bought him NB and 3m because it's CUTE and LITTLE instead of "practical" although they need every size of clothing anyway!!

I was SO sad when I packed up all his NB clothing; we had so much of it I had to take out all his 6 month stuff and put it in one drawer so i had room in the tote that fits under his crib!!!

Ford is getting really good at being able to look around during tummy time. He has yet to roll over, but I know when it happens it will not stop. He LOVES to stand up and walk, he is so strong it is crazy, if he wasn't so spastic (like his daddy) I am sure he would be able to stand unassisted but he is always looking around so he gets wobbly. He now plays with the toys on his play mat and in his bouncer chair thing. It's so cute when he kicks at them! I put him in the REAL bouncer yesterday, but his legs are still a good inch to short to touch the ground, he didn't really care about the toys on that, just stared at me the whole time like, "what is this and why am I stuck here?!"

With Christmas fast approaching I wasn't too sure we were going to buy anything for Little Man, only because he will never remember it. But we decided to get him a couple things. I made him a photo book of his first 2 months, narrated by him!! So he can keep it knowing we gave it to him as his FIRST Christmas present! We also got him a "Poppity pop musical Dino"... I'm sure I will become annoyed at it, at some point but I saw the commercial (stupid advertising!) and thought it was TOO CUTE!!! Surprisingly it was cheaper at Freddie's then amazon or BRU, we just happened to look while we were there. I wouldn't have thought they were the less expensive of the 3.

On another note, Luke's last day at AFF is today!!!!! GOD IS GOOD...He answers prayers, Luke has gotten picked up as a welder for Nabors, they do oil work all over the world. He of course, will be up on the North Slope. I think he will really enjoy it, he hates working 10+ hrs a day, coming home and only being able to play with Ford for a couple hours before bed. This will allow him to have 2 weeks of "play time" and then when he is at work, he's at work! I really think it will be the best of both worlds for Luke, I am very excited for him. With his new job comes a raise in pay which will (God willing) allow us to BUY A HOUSE before Ford is a year old :) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to have Ford's first birthday at HOME, not in a rental! We always planned to buy then have a baby, but God decided it was best the other way around!

We are all very excited to see what the New Year will bring and what blessings God has in store for us in 2012.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 weeks already?

How in the world is Ford 12 weeks old???? It is CRAZY, time flies when you are having fun!!!

Ford is now sleeping from 9pm-4am without any issues, this morning I put his paci back in and he fell back asleep when I was warming up his bottle, so he ate at 4:45 when he started to stir again. He is still only eating 4oz which is on average the "least" he should be drinking in one sitting being almost 3 months... but that's okay, he is a chunky little man so he is obviously getting enough!

On the 7th he will be 3 MONTHS OLD... CRAZINESS!!!!

Thanksgiving RECAP!

Holy Moly.... Thanksgiving week was a BLUR! We had so much fun, but it was BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

We flew down to Washington on Tuesday night, the babies were AMAZING on the plane. Makayla waved at EVERYONE, I'm pretty sure she thought everyone was sitting in the plane, just for her amusement. Of course the boys stayed up WAY later then they should have talking and catching up on life... We got up around 8 on Wednesday, got the babies fed, dressed, etc. Seth and Katina had to drop Maya off at her parent's house and then met us over at the house so we could load up the rest of the stuff. We got going about 9:30, there was SO MUCH traffic mostly because it was RAINING and there was a couple accidents that people just HAD to look at. It took us about 7 hours to drive to Eugene, which is longer then usual but not as bad as I expected with the amount of stop and go traffic we sat in.

Wednesday afternoon/night we hung out with the grandparents and Ford got to meet EVERYONE! He was such a good baby, getting passed around so everyone could say HI to him! We stayed at my Aunt's house of Wednesday night so it was fun to visit with them and introduce Ford to them, on Thanksgiving my uncle Zane, cousin Averi, cousin Erik, his girl friend and baby came over to my aunt's. It was nice to see all of them and we got pictures with Ford and Lyrik!!! It was so nice to see a little baby, Lyrik was 2.5 weeks!!! Thanksgiving at Luke's grandparents was low key and a normal "Jacobson" Holiday!!! We suprised everyone and picked up Luke's aunt and uncle (who live in AK), Luke's grandma almost had a heart attack! It was SUCH A NICE SUPRISE for everyone!!!!! So of course we had WAY TO MUCH FOOD, since his uncle is a chef and his dad always makes to much to begin with. We spent the night at Luke's grandpa's on Thursday night, didn't get to bed until almost 2 AM! Ford slept until 8:30 and was still really tired, we got on the road at 4pm (way later then we wanted) but it only took FOUR HOURS to drive back!!! We met my mom for dinner, who was OF COURSE late to pick up my brother from the airport Friday night, but it was okay because she got to spend one on one time with us and her FIRST grandchild!!!

Saturday we went to lunch with my Uncle Tommy, Aunt Janet, my uncle's kids, mom and brother. It was really nice to see everyone... My aunt made us a HUGE afgan, it is SO pretty!!!! Says 2011 on it since we started our family this year! My cousins got Ford the cutest little moose outfit and a little music toy!! We got to stop by and see our old neighbor after we got back from lunch, I miss Elizabeth SO much!!!! It was so nice seeing the girls, they have grown SO MUCH. Elizabeth just sat and watched Ford sleep the WHOLE time!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Fred, Ashley, Makenzie (Ford's Girl Friend!!), Silvia and Alex, then we went to the Holiday Light show that Pierce County puts on, I'd never been and it was actually REALLY COOL! We then got to go over to Uckie's and hang out for a while. I miss everyone down there so much, you know you are TRUE friend when you can start a conversation and it feels like you still see them everyday instead of twice in the last year! Hopefully we will get down there in April or May, Kenzie and Ford will be SO BIG by then!!

Sunday we got LOTS of pictures with the family, my mom came over before we left for the airport to say goodbye, it was nice being able to see her so much this trip. Then we went to the airport. Our flight was FULL because of another airplane having issues... so it was a LONG flight, it was running late because they had to de-ice the wings, etc etc... Makayla was super tired so she was a little angry but wasn't nearly as bad as some babies I've seen!!!! Ford slept the WHOLE way as per his usual easy self!

We stopped to grab dinner when we got back and ran into Whitney and Beka at Freddie's it was nice to see Beka, since she hadn't gotten to see Little Man! She will be back for Christmas so I'm sure she will get to see him again. Whitney is looking amazing like usual and VERY pregnant! I cannot wait for her to have Riggs!!!! Only a couple more weeks!