Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Washington (and Oregon)...

Rainy old Washington is just how we left her... Rainy and cold! I must say it's nice to be "home", Washington will always be HOME! Even though some things have changed even if the 5 months since we were here last, there is just so many familiar things...

We are currently driving to Oregon, just past Cabellas. Other then the new pavement it is exactly the same drive, stupid people, lots of semi trucks and no yellow license plates (atleast until we get into Oregon)... It is weird being here and seeing so much green, even though we've only had snow in AK for a month. You just get so used to seeing WHITE! The trees even still have leaves on them.

Ford did amazing on the airplane, did not sleep well last night however. I think he was just all wound up from all the new things, hopefully tonight is better. Atleast he is asleep now but will soon need to eat, though I do not plan on waking him up, so maybe he will sleep for 4-5 hours and we can get the bulk of our driving done.

I am SO FREAKING EXCITED to see my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, Lyrik, etc etc and have them meet FORD! of course I'm excited to see Luke's grandparents as well, but introducing him to my family is really important to me, especially since I used to spend EVERY summer with them :)

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