Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slacking, kind of....

Hey Everyone,

So I haven't been blogging as much as I should. We are getting ready to go to Washingon and Oregon for Thanksgiving, we leave in 6 days!!! We will be down there for 5 full days/nights and we are taking all of the Christmas presents for the family down there so I've been super busy making presents and buying the ones we need too... I just ordered our Christmas cards today. has 40% off cards through the end of today (code Card40) and then free shipping on purchases of 30 dollars or more (before coupons!!!! Code Ship30) I also had a coupon for a FREE 8x8 20 page baby book (could be any 8x8 book they have up to a 29.99 value, though they are 20% off right now) so I paid 19.20 for 50 cards, a book AND got free shipping!!!!!! I LOVE deals like that.... I highly suggest going on and ordering your cards or gifts today! If you sign up today you also get 50 free 4x6 prints (expires 12/31 so I'm going to wait until I have pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas!) And if you facebook or blog (like my blog below) your purchase as advertisement you get 10 off your next order, so next time I order from them I will use that too!!! They always have GREAT deals, this is the first order I've done from them, normally I use another website so I may be moving all my business over here... The other website takes FOREVER to ship (birth announcements took 2 weeks to get here!)

Ford is growing like a weed!!! He went in last monday (11/7) for his 2 month check up, he was exactly 2 months. His birth weight was 6lbs 5.5oz and he was 19 inches long. As of 11/7 he was 10lbs 8 oz (4lb 2.5oz gain) and 21 inches (3 inch gain)... so needless to say not only am I a MILK COW, it's GOOD MILK! He also got his shots :( He cried for a little bit and didn't really act himself for a day or two... but he is okay now, besides a stuffy nose... The doctor says babies don't have allergies this early in life, but I'm not so sure. We do need to get a humidifier and see if that helps, maybe I will go do that tonight!

Okay, well, I have more gifts to make and need to make sure I catch up on ALL our laundry so I can pack this weekend!

Love to everyone and I hope that everyone is getting as much stuff done as I am this week! <3

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