Friday, March 29, 2013

What goes in...

I think it's funny how people always have an opinion about how to parent a child, it doesn't matter if it is sleep habits, feeding, play time, car seat choices, etc. I always try and curb my opinion and explain that ALL kids and babies are DIFFERENT! People with 2+ kids can tell you, each is unique and required different teaching, rules and had different issues and strengths then the other children in the family.

One thing that I have always found interesting, is what people FEED their children. I by no means feed Ford 100% organic, no GMO, all hand-made-from-scratch food.... I am lucky to be able to fish, hunt and produce fruits/veggies for our family. Cutting out a lot of the processes garbage you get at the store AND making sure we are putting the minimal amount of antibiotics, pesticides, etc into our bodies.

Most people feed what is easy, fast and somewhat healthy for the family. It is rare that you have a family that has time to make 100% of things and make sure the "food pyramid" is completed each day.

In our household, I try and limit carbs, starches and sugars. We focus on whole grains, veggies, lean meat, fish and fruit. I do love to bake and drink coffee... I have yet to find GOOD healthy cake recipes and such, so every once in a while you just have to splurge!

The one thing we absolutely stay away from, especially now that we have a child who eats EVERYTHING and wants HAT YOU ARE PUTTING IN YOUR MOUTH... Is Sodium Nitrite.

Sodium NITRATE is found in some plants, when you digest it, it does turn into NITRITE but this is a naturally occurring process. NOW when you get people in a lab creating all these things to make meat last longer, LOOK red... Yes, they dye meat that goes to the store because 90% of people THINK it is fresh if it is red NOT brown. NEWSFLASH... Brown meat is just fine! Green... No, brown, yes!

Anyway, back on topic... Adding Sodium NITRITE to meats helps them cure and last longer (hot dogs, sausage, bacon) ... It is not good for you. I would go on and on but I think this article does a pretty good job! (NOTE; the FDA has tried banning SN from foods since the 70's... So obviously it is an ongoing issue)

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