Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So Ford has pretty much been eating everything now. The pediatrician was very impressed and told us he doesn't need to come back until he turns a year old!

This month I have really started letting him eat table food, his new favourite things are moose shepherds pie and spaghetti.

I can't believe how big he has gotten and that he isn't eating baby food anymore. Although it is nice because I don't have to make special food for him. Downfall is... Now he gets mad if I'm eating and he isn't!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ready for a party???

It is kind of crazy to think about how fast 8 months has gone by. A year ago we didn't even know we were having a boy (officially, even though I KNEW... Mommy instinct).

As fast as this has gone by I know I need to start planning Ford's birthday. The summers up here are always so action packed I know I won't have much time to plan it and people will be gearing up for hunting season when Ford's birthday rolls around, so planning we must do!

I am thinking a truck theme... A boy can never have too many toy trucks right?!?! And it would be fitting with Ford's name and all :)

I better start looking on Etsy and ordering decorations!


I think I am to energetic before bed time!! Playing with Ford while putting PJ's on and now he is not interested in being calm and sleeping at all.

Oh the joys of having an 8 month old!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Grandparents, Arizona and Babies...

A week long vacation was way easier to plan without a baby. I don't know how people travel with more then one child and Ford is "the greatest baby" according to everyone we have had the joy of flying with. Every lady and most men have commented on how CUTE he is, how HAPPY he is... I guess I really do have a good baby :)

We got to do a lot of the same things we normally do in AZ, like Desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, swimming but had to plan on taking extra time of it all getting Ford ready. It wasn't actually has bad as I thought it would be and he was a generally happy boy, like normal. The hour plus car rides did get to him, he is starting to realize he is STUCK inside his car seat!

We got to eat TONS of good food, I'm sure I gained a couple pounds. Haha. My grandma (Ford's great grandma) got to meet Ford for the first time. It was quite fun. I forget how much I love and miss her until I see her. Grandpa Burt had lots of fun with Ford too. He is a little less then a year younger then his youngest grandchild, so I know he enjoyed playing with him!!

Hopefully we will get to take Ford back this winter and be able to go to Washington too. Thanks to companion tickets and lots of airline miles! Pictures will get posted as soon as "GGM" sorts the 800+ she took!