Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh so, Bittersweet, Celebration...

For a whole year Ford has blessed us each day with his extreme, wonderful, amazing little personality and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

After such a tedious pregnancy, not knowing what exactly was going to happen, God blessed me with a quick delivery and has continued to bless me each day, letting me awaken to a wonderful, perfect creation of his each day.

Ford has done so much growing in the last year, it's hard to believe its only been ONE year. He says lots of words, mostly DADADADADADAD... He walks, tries to run, climbs everything, has 12 teeth. He has been to Washington, Oregon, Arizona and of course, all over South Central Alaska. He has been camping, four wheeling, snow machining, hiking and boating. He loves fishing, steering ANYTHING, playing with excavators, forklifts, tractors... Dancing, he LOVES to dance !

All in all it has been a crazy year. I wouldn't trade it for anything, although I might sell him for the right price (JUST KIDDING!!!).

From day one to one year!

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